If you’re lucky to have grandma at home then try to spend some time with her and build a conversation about her teenage life and how strict her parents were when she was around your age.

The world had changed to a great extent in the past few decades and girls acquired lots of freedom and independence to live life on their own terms. Even our mom doesn’t have these facilities that we have.

If you go through Forbes magazine then you would be amazed by the achievements of female entrepreneurs. They are setting up new records and crushing all myths. They are proof that girls can do anything.

You must be well aware of the fact that every coin has two sides.

Even though girls have enough freedom to do anything they’re scared of the outside world. Why?

Because the safety of women is drastically reducing in recent days. Many boys are supporting girls to do what they love but still, there are few male-dominant-minded people out there and because the number of rape cases is increasing every day.

So what can we do about this?

What can be done to prevent this:-

We can debate about this topic all day long but just talking about it doesn’t matter. we have to take action.

Instead of blaming society, government, and other factors we have to do something on our own too.

The most important factor that we lack is awareness. Yes, you read it right. people don’t know what to do when they deal with worst-case scenarios.

That’s where self-defense comes into place. Girls are not aware of this, to be frank. They don’t know what to do, where to attack and what are steps can be taken to get themselves out of the situation safely.

Why self-defense training is important?

  • Regular training would bring self-confidence. This is what we lack when we face a dangerous situation so when we train every day or at frequent intervals then it boosts energy inside the body and also helps to improve focus and confidence to face the abusers without any fear.
  • You can not only protect yourself but also protect your loved ones too. Many victims state that they are helpless in that situation they’re always looking out for help from others. The fact is not everyone is physically fit enough to undergo self-defense training. So when you get trained by professionals then you can not only protect yourself but also you can save your family, friends and other people too.
  • It not only helps you to protect yourself but it’s also very good exercise to keep your body fit. Physical fitness has multiple benefits. Muscles will become stronger, the body will be more flexible than usual and it also benefits you to handle your day-to-day activities also.
  • you will be part of the awesome community when you get trained from a reputed club. You will meet people with similar interests and get to know a lot about their lifestyle. You will build interpersonal relationships which help to improve trust, social status and lots of new friends too.

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