Have you ever been into crowded public transport because of your urgency to go somewhere and experienced some weirdos leaning on your shoulders by taking advantage of the situation?
Have you ever felt like someone is trying to grope you in crowded marketplaces or packed streets?
If you answered yes then this article is for you.
A study conducted by Action Aid states that four out of five women in India have faced public harassment like staring,wolf-whistling, insulting, and even groped in public places.
In a survey that includes polls counted from 500 women across India, 84 percent of responders harassed in public and they are between 25-35 years old.
And the majority of them are students and working women.
How bad is this? It is like telling people that women don’t belong out there in society.
What you guys think about this?. Do you think that staying in the home is the best way to avoid the situations like this?
If you all might be thinking that placing a complaint against these weirdos would put a stop to all these activities, then I would like to tell you that it won’t work. You wanna know why then keep reading.
Let me share one more survey with you guys.
Out of the total number crimes recorded in India according to NCRB,
46% reported insults and cat-calling in public, 44% wolf-whistling, 16% drugged, and 9% percent people were raped according to police reports.
In these recent days, the above statistics would have increased and you all know why.
There are many people out there who think that these are not big deal right?
I mean,  80% of females who are going out have been facing situations like this every single day? 
Cat-calling and wolf-whistling may look like small issues to you guys. I mean what’s wrong had happened right? He is interested in that girl and that’s why he is doing that. Many people would say this.
Let me tell you guys something that if you’re one of the people who think like the above statement.
“Small drops of Rainwater leads to the mighty ocean”
These small ignored acts often lead to public groping and Rapes.
Will you ignore if someone cat-calls and wolf-whistles at your mom or sister who is passing in the street?
Each and every Indian citizen are our own brothers and sisters. We may be divided by various factors but we all have the same feelings and emotions.
I know what you guys think.
We all know what’s going on with society already. let us know if we can do something about this stupid fellow. (lol)
My sincere apologies for boring you guys with facts and statistics. I will go straight to the point.
How to protect yourself in crowded areas:-
And before you guys scold me any further I will share few tips that you could use to tackle situations like this. Here they are,
Work on your body language:-
When you’re getting into any public transport don’t show yourself as a weak target. I know you might be tired after work but still, you have to stay alert and keep your priorities high.
“The most valuable asset that you could own is your CONFIDENCE and COURAGE”
Give non-verbal signals:-
If you feel someone is leaning behind you or someone is trying to hit on you then give a LONG ANGRY STARE. Girl’s eyes are most powerful and your stare should make him uncomfortable and it’s a warning sign from you.
You have to show him that you’re a dangerous person to deal with.
Don’t hesitate to raise your voice:-
If that guy didn’t take your first warning then throw your voice out. Once you shout out to that guy and make him feel uncomfortable in front of the crowd it will always make him feel bad and guilty about his actions and he will definitely stay away from you.
Not all people are helpless. If you let others know what’s going on then many will be more glad to help you out.
“Only you can save yourself” – Always remember this quote.
Attack the sensitive areas:-
If you’re still disturbed then you can fight against the abuser. Protecting yourself is not a criminal offense.
Most of the abusers will try to grab you from behind.
If he is leaning from behind then you can use your elbow to hit him in the stomach area, lungs, and even groin. You can also use your heels to stab his toes.
These areas will give immense pain and the person is more likely to leave you alone.
You can also punch in the face, Nose, Eyes, and throat areas. They are all very sensitive areas in the Human body and it gives you enough time to make him step back and also let others understand the ongoing situation.
Spread Awareness:-
Most of the girls out there are scared about these kinds of incidents and even if something happened to them they’re hesitant to share with others.
It’s not taboo anymore. The more Hesitant you feel than the stronger they keep doing this.
So raise your voice against these kinds of incidents and educate your kids about how to protect themselves against these weirdos.
“You may not control all the events that happen around you, But you can decide not to be reduced by them” –Maya Angelou.