“Strength doesn’t come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will Mahatma Gandhi.


                   Whenever you see the word self-defense or listen to someone talking about it then all you think of is Muhammed Ali punching his opponents or Jackie chan facing against a ton of enemies and also you think either its bullshit or its something impossible.

 If you are thinking the same then trust me, I’ve been there too… It’s crazy right.

You would have come across multiple articles and many youtube videos about self-defense and why it is so important to learn this. But have you figured out the reason behind those?

                     Before I talk about self-Defense, I would like to talk about the society that we’re living in and what’s going worse.

Let me share some facts that I got from google recently and it goes like this…

                      “Rape is one of the most common crimes in India. According to National Crime Records Bureau, One women is raped every twenty minutes in India”

    What could be the worse hearing this statement… I mean what went wrong these days. You could state multiple reasons just like everyone else but what are we going to do next?

    What’s the next step to save our future generation from being a rape victim?

    How to protect our family members and closest circle from this situation?

    If you have the following questions then this article is for you.

    I’m going to share some Facts about how other countries are dealing with a situation like this and what can someone do if they encounter a situation like this.

Let me start with the definition of Self-Defense and the myths that people still believe in.


     “Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it is a state of MIND and it begins with the belief that you’re worth defending”- Rorion Gracie.

You’re not going to fight like the Legend Bruce Lee or like any other movie character that you come across in your life.

Self-Defense in simple words is the ability to withstand or deal with a bad situation or worst-case scenarios like simple robbery to Abuse.

Usually, boys are good at this because even if they don’t know how to fight, One hard blow to the opponent’s body will give him ample time to evade the situation. But for girls, it’s not.

That’s why I wrote this article specially for working women and those who have teenage girls at home.


     There are a few things that I get every time I talk about this topic and let me talk about those in detail.

     The first and foremost reason is I’m not strong like boys and They are physically bigger than us. 

You know what girls, the boys may be physically stronger than you but The girl’s mind works faster than boys… Yes, I’m right.

You could have heard the term that boys are stupid and they are dumb right… Haha, that’s true because boys can’t make quick decisions like girls and that’s your superpower. Use that to your advantage. 

When you’re facing a bad situation and you figured it out it’s going to be worse and your brain will be under fight or flight response. When you understood you can’t flee from that place and then learn to defend yourself.


                   I hope you’re already aware of Kung-fu classes in schools are mandatory in China and more than 20 global countries like South Korea, Russia, and Isreal are providing compulsory military training for teenagers. Techniques like Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu were provided for interested candidates.

In India, there are many fight clubs but they are training people to fight in the ring and win tournaments mostly. so Indians are not showing much interest in learning Self-Defense.

So in this blog, I’m going to share some tips and steps that you could follow when you come across Worse case scenarios and How you can protect yourself against them.



                The first and foremost thing when you’re traveling alone is to always be aware of your surroundings. Always listen to your gutsOur instincts never lie. If you feel like something is not good then try to leave ASAP.


             If you get into a situation where you can’t run away from then don’t try to resist at the beginning itself. If you do that then you would get hurt so try to act submissive.

             Check out the surroundings and see if you can find something to defend yourself. Look out for any help around. If you’re out of options when it’s time to take the matter into your own hands.


         Bring up the courage and get ready to fight. Even though the opponent looks strong there are many weak spots in the Human body and attacking those would bring immense pain and help to bring the opponent down and provide you with ample time to get away from that place.

  Get near the attacker like you’re submissive and then attack his eyes, nose, ears and you can give a kick to the groin. These basics would stun the opponent and set you free.

I will also attach a Youtube video link that gives you details about the pressure points and Vulnerable areas of the Human body.


             Be confident and believe that you can make it. I would also recommend joining any Self-Defense clubs because it’s more important to practice what you learn so that you can’t make any mistakes in those situations.

To conclude this article I would encourage you all to take up action and spread awareness about the safety of women because they are considered the eyes of our nation.

                                                    “Before helping others learn to help yourself first”

 Thank you for having enough patience to read the entire article and I hope you guys learned something from this.

See ya.

I had done a youtube video about self-defense and feel free to check it out too.

My Youtube Video link:- https://youtu.be/reGQK3mQJoo

Youtube Video on pressure points and vulnerable areas:-    https://youtu.be/T7aNSRoDCmg