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Let me ask you something, Have you ever wondered how marketing works and Where everything started in the first place?

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we’re going to take a look at a Brief history of sales and marketing, How traditional marketing works, and The reason digital marketing is the future for All kinds of sales and services.

So if you’re an Entrepreneur, Business owner, Digital freelancer then this article is for you Amigos.

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Marketing is not rocket science that has developed in recent decades. According to the experts, marketing is as old as ancient civilizations.

Yeah, that’s right, there are multiple records found by the archaeological department that people started selling goods from China to India. People were bringing high-quality silk from china and returned with spices and ornaments made of Gold, silver, precious stones, and Diamonds.

The ideas about marketing emerged in the Late 18th century after there is a rapid growth of Science and technology. Mass production of industrial goods had developed a need to bring out the market for their finished products.

In the late 1940s, Industrialization was in full swing, and in order to deal with the competitors, Many companies developed their own marketing team and came out with creative ideas to make their product unique and promoted their goods to consumers using flyers and Radio advertisements.

And I guess you can understand the development of Marketing and since you’re reading this from your Electronic devices I would say that Digital marketing is the Future without any debates.

Now let’s take a look at some quotes that are foretold by successful Entrepreneurs and Business tycoons.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like Marketing”- Tom Fishburne.

Jeff Bezos, The founder of Amazon once said,

If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful

Many of us think that we should learn everything and then do it, including me. But the best thing is you don’t need to be perfect in order to do something great.

Elon Musk, A most successful Entrepreneur expressed his feelings about education it is,

It is self-taught. I don’t have an Aerospace degree. I’ve read a lot of books and talked with lots of smart people and Have a great team”.

I think that’s enough inspiration for now and let’s take a look at Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing in detail.


Female shop owners trying to sell their goods.

We had come across lots of roadside vendors and marketing people who go Door to door and trying to sell their goods to people and 90 percent of those efforts result in rejection. The best product speaks for itself and it doesn’t need too much effort to sell them to the consumers.

Traditional marketing is the most common method used for targeting a wide-ranged audience. Mostly the advertisements are posted on Radios, Newspaper ads, and billboards.

It is the oldest form of marketing and it helps to reach the local audience very well and it is also an easier method to reach the consumers.

So every form of advertisement that you see in day-to-day life comes under traditional marketing.


That’s right… you could guess it from the name itself, Digital marketing is the online form of advertising to reach people directly by means of their Electronic devices. It is an online form of marketing in simple words.

Digital marketing includes paid social media ads, email marketing, and PPC advertising. This method is opted by companies these days because the world becomes more digital and technological developments have made people upgrade themselves every day.

This method is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing and also it can target consumers globally and in an instant. Digital marketing strategies are much easier to target affluent English-speaking audiences with ease.


It doesn’t matter what type of marketing you use, if you’re unable to make proper communication then the entire Ad is useless no matter how good the product is.

Therefore Good marketing =good communication.

Content builds relationships, relationships are built on trust and trust generates REVENUE” — Andrew Davis.

So communication is really important in the sales copy and essential for generating trust among the audience. Here is the best quote was given by one of my favorite business executives.

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”- Beth Comstock.

Now I’m about to give out the best marketing strategies that you could use in your business or in the process of developing a startup.


This is one of the most important and prominent things that every marketer should know about. CATT is the abbreviation for four essential terms that are used in the marketing industry. They are Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction.

Don’t worry, I will break this formula into simple words for easy understanding.

Niche(n)= It is the area where you’re really good at it. “The jack of all trades is the master of none” So pick up your area of expertise and focus on that so that you will not only love the work you do but also get PAID for it.

Content(c)= Based on the area you had chosen create valuable content and upload them on social media. The more you write about it in blogs and articles, the more you’ll attract people of similar interests and you can develop an awesome Community in the future.

Attention(A)= You can’t just write a couple of blogs and expect people to search for the right. Firstly you have to let the world know that you’re creating content on a specific niche. In order to do that you have to bring traffic to your blog. you can use social media, SEO, and paid ads to bring your blog and articles to the limelight. After that people will search for your blogs once you provide enough value to them.

Trust(T)=Once you got enough traffic to your blogs then you can build trust and enable them you have given valuable content, Weekly newsletters of immense value, and then you can sell them your own products or other people’s product if you found them genuine. Once you gain trust then your audience becomes your customers.

Transaction(T)= It’s nothing but converting your leads into customers. since you had provided enough value already and gained the trust of your audience, they get redirected to the ad campaign pages and start buying products. Hence sales happen naturally without much effort.

These are the five pillars that are necessary to create wealth using digital marketing.


After taking a look at the CATT marketing funnel many got this question right?

How to find my area of expertise? How can I figure out my passion and convert them into creating wealth?

If you got those questions then don’t worry, I figured them out for you.

Take a look at the picture posted above. It consists of three major areas they are Talent, Market, and Passion.

Some people would be talented in some areas but due to a lack of passion, they would give up after some time.

Some people would be passionate about something and since there is no market area on what they’re good at they would stop doing it

Here is what you have to do, find your passion and work on it till you master the skill, and once you’re comfortable with that skill you should find a market value for the skill that you learned. That’s the secret to find your niche.

Niche=Talent+Passion+Market value.


Don’t get confused by the name, The integrated digital marketing framework is the plan to apply and execute the CATT marketing funnel that we talked about just now.

Let me give you a flowchart for a better understanding.

To begin with, let’s start with content marketing. since you’re about to provide value to your audience content is the king here.

Now the content is ready but we have to bring them to the audience right so they will get to know about your blog. we’re going to use social media and SEO for that job. Once people get notified about your blog and start reading the value that you had provided then they will expect more from you. In that stage, you must provide Email marketing and redirect them to sales pages. you could use Paid advertising too and this helps to implement sales and convert the audience into consumers.

I hope you have a clear understanding of how sales work via Integrated Digital Marketing.


Let me talk about an interesting topic here, Take a look at the picture that I posted below and tell me what do you think.

You guessed it right. It is from Harley Davidson.

Why do you think I showed you this picture? Is it because it looks good or because I love that company?

No…. The reason I shared this picture is when you hear the name Harley Davidson what do you think of? suddenly the bike image comes into your mind right… that’s the power of personal branding.

Let me share with you an incident, recently Elon Musk announced that he is going to start his very own Tequila brand on April fools day, everyone thought it was a joke, and then suddenly he released his Tequila filled in bottles shaped as the Lightning Bolt and the worth of each bottle is 250$.

Can you imagine what happened next, Every bottle sold up very quickly and even people started selling the empty bottles on Amazon for a high price.

Surprising isn’t it…. now, why am I telling you this? Do you think people brought the liquor bottles because He is the owner of Tesla and SpaceX…

The reason is Elon musk himself is a Personal Brand…. The cars are selling because of Elon musk and they believe that all his products are of High quality and worthy enough to buy them.

The same goes for companies like Apple, Amazon, and others.

I guess now you have understood the power of personal branding and its impact on this World.


Marketing is based on TRUST…. The more your audience trust you the more income you can generate. This blueprint is all about six major pillars that are necessary to bring value and trust among the audience and convert them into customers.

Let me break down the six pillars and bring those into simple words.

LEARN:- It is the initial step to do something. If you’re interested in doing something you love, then definitely you have to take essential steps to learn more about them. It can be from any source and as long you keep improving yourself then you’ll master the skill eventually.

WORK:- It is the next step. Learning something is not enough, you have to implement it otherwise you will forget what you learned in a period of time.

BLOG:- Writing your own blog will help you to remember what you learned and when you start sharing your work experiences through articles then others would get a chance to read it and their reviews will help you to hustle more and keep doing your work at a steady pace.

CONSULT:- Word of Mouth is the greatest form of marketing statement one could get for their brand. Once your value is outreached then people will talk about your brand and Many business people will reach out to you to seek guidance from you about creating your own personal brand. You can get paid for consulting also.

MENTOR:- Apart from consulting, people will approach you to teach the skill that you had mastered. The best form of education is not just about learning something but also teaching the same. The more you teach people, the more you will get dedicated to learning yourself. Your level of knowledge increases and takes you to the next level.

STARTUP:- Now it’s time to build your own product. since you have a wide range of audience and students too after you took mentoring. people strongly believe in you that whatever you do then it would be of much value. Combining your knowledge, work experience, skill, and consultation services you could create your own product and convert your audience into leads for your business.

I hope everyone understood clearly the marketing basics and how it works.

It’s Time to CONCLUDE what we had learned so far from this article. We looked into the history of marketing, the difference between Traditional and Digital marketing, How much communication is important in the sales and marketing, CATT marketing funnel and its pillars, Integrated digital marketing blueprint, Understanding and finding your own Niche, Personal branding, and Mass trust blueprint to create your own product and sell them using Digital Marketing.

That’s it, friends I believe that everyone has a clear understanding of marketing after reading this article and I would like to thank you all personally for having enough patience to go through the entire article.

see ya all in my next article, Have a great day and stay blessed.